2020-21 Indian Super League Season

2020-21 Indian Super League Season Blog Featured Image2020-21 Indian Super League Season Blog

The Indian Super League Season (ISL) and the exhilarating matches you can come to expect from it is slowly but surely receiving the recognition and regard that it genuinely deserves all around the world. The 2020/21 Indian Super League season entirely drove home the futility of trying to underestimate this outstanding tournament. Even with the effects of the pandemic raging during that time, the 2020/21 Indian Super League season displayed an uncommon resolve and treated fans to one excellent football match after the other. Rather than slow down due to the pandemic, if anything, the action the league recorded was even more intense as the company got newer participants and the competition got fiercer, more intense, and ultimately, more rewarding than anyone would have expected. With an all-time high of 115 matches played in the 2020/21 ISL season, here are some highlights of what remains the best Indian Super League season yet.

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More Additions To The Indian Super League

In the past, this league has only ever featured ten teams playing. That changed in the 2020/21 ISL season as the tournament welcomed some truly impressive additions to its ranks. ATK FC, a prominent face in the league, underwent a merger with Mohun Bagan AC and was reborn as ATK Mohun Bagan. Anyone who thinks that such a transformation weakened their ranks and gameplay would be surely wrong as the team put out one fantastic performance after another, even making it to the finals! The other addition to the league that brought the total of teams to eleven was SC East Bengal. They proved that they deserved this spot by giving even the biggest names in the tournament a fair run for their money on multiple occasions.

Goal Scoring Record Breaking Match

One proof that the pandemic had absolutely nothing on this growing league was that up until the 2020/21 season, the game with the highest number of goals scored in it was 9. But when Odisha FC and new-bloods SC East Bengal met, they quickly trashed that record and set a new one of their own with 11 goals scored in total! SC East Bengal scored five goals, but Odisha FC proved superior with 6.

A New Unbeaten Streak for the Books

Yet another display of what was indeed some of the finest football ever placed, FC Goa went on to set a new record for their counterparts to chase in the 2020/21 Indian Super League season. With a 0-0 draw against the Islanders in the second leg of their Semifinal game, they went on to clinch 13 games unbeaten, putting the club’s name down firmly in the footnotes of history.

Another Top Team Tie

While this is certainly far from new to the league, it is still amazing to witness. In yet another brilliant season, the two top teams were tied for points at the end. The one thing that gave Mumbai City FC the edge they needed over their counterpart, ATK Mohun Bagan, was that they excelled at the league stage, winning both encounters against The Mariners.

The 2020/21 Indian Super League season shows that the legend of this tournament is only just beginning. We’ll be reporting details on the new game live, so be sure to check our next post!